Career Pathways Through FIRST Robotics

The Dream Maker Initiative is dedicated to helping students throughout the state of Michigan build career pathways to post-secondary success. Using the FIRST Robotics program students at every grade level are exposed to STEAM ideas and develop career skills. Partnering with the College and Career Access Center of Jackson, Consumers Energy, FIRST In Michigan, and the Jackson Community Foundation, we are building a program that prepares our students for the future. We are building the future of the workforce in Jackson and in Michigan.

Our program has three main pillars of success:

  • Help students post-secondary program that makes the most sense for the student. Whether it is college, community college or trade school we will work with students to identify the career pathway that makes the most sense for them.

  • Engage our communities and families in the FIRST Robotics program. We are expanding the reach of the program to more students so that everyone has the opportunity to participate.

  • Build a better future for our communities through student support. We will strive to make opportunity more equitable for all students in the state of Michigan, regardless of their family status, location, income and ethnicity. 

We are ready to change our state and communities and we look forward to your help. Connect with us below and we will be able to offer you the best options possible for your region.


Opportunities and Tools for Students and Parents

Simple Tools for Students and Parents
College Planning
FAFSA Completion
Career Planning